Drying with passion




The combination of the unique Zizmann Turning System and intelligent heating and aeration technology develops a natural solar sludge drying plant to a high end plant with evaporation results of more than 12 ton water per m².


Turning System

The special ease how the 2.2-4kW i+M’s Zizmann-System moves the sludge on 1,000m² is uncomparable: Similar to a chain conveyor in the WWTP’s secondary clarifier it offers a soft, close to floor and area wide drying. Turning in minute interval generates new sewage sludge surfaces and increase significantly the drying performance.


Air Management

Adjusted air flow and air speed leads warm fresh air according sewage sludge's dry substance content directly above the drying surface and transports wet air out of the drying hall. Beside the extraordinary air saturation the effect of evaporation cooling shows positive results against occur of odor emissions.


Synergy Heating

Utilization of surplus heat 55-105°C out of external processes makes the big difference at i+M-Drying Plants:

  • Heat recovery on WWTP
  • Heat utilization CHP, district heat
  • Post operation after high temperature plants.


SCS Multilevel

SCS modular standard container system with multiple drying levels and reliable Zizmann contact and convection drying on smallest footprint.


Circle Dry

Innovative lightweight construction for smaller STPs or liquids like landfill leachate


CO2 neutral drying and emission prevention?
Naturally only with i+M-Zizmann!