Drying with passion




A good reputation is when practice fulfills expectations. With honesty and practical applied solutions we gained our customers’ confidence for years.

Sludge Drying Plant examples with heat use (90% DS)

  • SSDP Sulz (1 location, 2 plants)
  • SSDP Dornhan
  • SSDP Zwiefalten
  • SSDP Gärtringen
  • SSDP Xinjiang, China


Sludge Drying Plant Solar (TS various, prepared for 90% DS)

Thinking economically is foresighted thinking. For managing increasing amounts or using different ways of disposal, follwing solar plants are prepared with floor heating:

  • SSDP Kißlegg
  • SSDP Mugla, Türkei
  • SSDP Gujarat, Indien (partiell)

Air Treatment

The combination of fast interval turning system and adjusted air management is the reason for less i+M-DryingPlants that are equipped with air scrubber. SSDP Noerdlingen collects sludge from different WWTP, also olfactory problematic sludge. The installation of a chemical washer in combination with high chimneys was the solution for this plant.


Digester / WWTP technology

The range of i+M business covers surveying, consulting and improvement of WWTP operation incl. improvement and construction of digester and other WWTP related construction.